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Step 1
Step 1

This can be filled out by yourself (a farmer), or you can fill it out to nominate a friend of yours who is a single farmer
1.Name of Farmer:
3.Date of Birth:
4.Email Address: *
5.Mobile Number:
6.Home phone number: *
7.Please upload a photo of the farmer
If your are having troubles uploading, click here
0.Details of the Farm and Farmer
8.Location of the farm:
9.Type of Farm:
10.Size of Farm:
11.Nearest Town and Airport:
12.Does the farmer own the farm?
13.Does the farmer live and work full time on the farm?
14.Accommodation on the farm (how many can stay there):
15.Does the Farmer know he/she has been nominated?
16.Has the Farmer ever been married? Divorced?
17.Is the Farmer looking for love?
0.Your details
18.Your Name
19.Phone Number
20.Relationship to farmer
the x factor


The X Factor Australia Online Auditions have now closed.


Project Runway

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 1
0.1. All applications must be submitted on-line. Applications received by post cannot be accepted.

2. You must fill in the application form yourself. Applications entered via a third party will not be eligible.

3. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

4. Please ensure you read, fully understand and meet the eligibility requirements before applying to be a contestant on ‘PROJECT RUNWAY’.

5. If selected as a potential contestant you will be invited to attend an audition at a specified time and venue.

6. If selected as a potential contestant you will be provided with a further more detailed legal agreement for your involvement in the Program.

7. Applications close midnight Sun 25th March.

Thank you for your time and effort, GOOD LUCK!

1.I have read, understand and agree to the Eligibility Requirements *
2.I have read, understand and agree to the Certification of Veracity . If you fail to do so, your application will not be considered. *
Step 2
0.To be considered for this show, you must fill out this application honestly, accurately and completely. Failure to do so may result in your elimination from consideration, as well as the forfeiture of any prizes or other things you may or would have been awarded.

Note: Throughout this application, you will be asked for contact information for various people. Please note that by including these contact details you are indicating your consent for us to contact that person as a reference, as a means of contacting you, or as a means of obtaining additional information about you.
3.Full Name: *
4.Name you go by:
5.Address: *
6.Suburb: *
7.State: *
8.Post Code *
9.Home Phone *
10.Mobile Phone: *
11.Work Phone:
12.Email Address: *
13.Are you at least 18 years of age? If you are not 18 years of age, you are not eligible to be a contestant in Project Runway (See attached Eligibility Requirements). *
0.PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ATTACH DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS – Mobile phone and PDA images are not acceptable
14.Please upload a recent, clear full length photo of yourself: *
If your are having troubles uploading, click here
15.Please upload a recent, clear, close up headshot of yourself: *
If your are having troubles uploading, click here
16.Please upload one or two recent photos of your designs: *
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Step 3
17.List your last three jobs: *
18.Are you a fashion designer? *
19.Do you make a living as a designer? Or is this a hobby? *
20.If you do not currently make a living as a designer, how do you currently make a living? *
21.Have you attended a fashion design school or a fashion program? *
22.If ‘YES’, name of school(s) & program that you attended?
If ‘NO’, what is your fashion/design background?
23.If ‘YES’, did you graduate?
24.If ‘YES’, please list type of degree earned:
25.Do you know how to:
26.Have you ever worked or do you currently work for a designer or manufacturer? *
27.If ‘YES’, please list any and all positions you have held working for a designer or manufacturer to date (include your responsibilities and if it was staff or intern position). List by Company, Position and Dates of Employment:
28.Do you design for your own label fulltime? *
29.Do you sell to a wholesaler/buyer?
Step 4
30.Do you design for men/women or both? *
31.What is your area of expertise? (check all that are applicable): *
32.If you answered ‘Other’, please specify (i.e. swimwear, lingerie, active wear, etc.)
33.How would you describe your design philosophy or point of view? *
34.What would someone close to you describe as your best and worst traits? *
35.Who are the designers you admire the most? *
36.Have you met any of them/do you know them? *
37.If “YES’, who have you met?
38.Who is your least favourite designer and why? *
Step 5
39.Are you of Australian nationality? *
40.If you are not an Australian national, do you have Australian residential status?
41.If you are not an Australian national or an Australian resident, do you have a valid visa with work rights for Australia?
42.Have you applied to be on any TV shows in the past year? *
43.If ‘YES’, which one(s)?
44.Are you currently being considered for any other reality shows (including game or contest shows)? *
45.If ‘YES’, which one(s)?
46.Will you be appearing on any TV shows that are scheduled to air in the next year? *
47.If ‘YES’, which one(s)?
48.Do you know anyone else who is applying to be on the Program? *
49.If ‘YES’, please list their name(s) and address(es):
50.Have you ever acted, performed or appeared on television (including cable), film or stage? *
51.If ‘YES’, please list the dates and shows:
52.Do you regularly work with professional models?
53.If ‘YES’, who/what agency?
Step 6
54.Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence (this does not include minor traffic infringements or parking offences, but does include DUI (drink driving) and any loss of drivers licence)? *
55.If ‘YES’, please give dates and details:
56.Have you ever been a party to a civil lawsuit (a non criminal court case in which you were named as a plaintiff/applicant/defendant/respondent in the court documents) ? *
57.If ‘YES’, please describe as briefly as possible when and where the event occurred, the other party(ies) to the lawsuit, whether you were the plaintiff or defendant, the nature of the case, and what the outcome was:
58.Have you ever had a temporary restraining order issued against you or has anyone ever attempted to obtain a temporary restraining order against you? *
59.If ‘YES’, please give details, including, without limitation, date(s), place(s), name of party seeking the temporary restraining order and relationship of such party to you, and a description of the basis upon which the temporary restraining order was sought, whether it was issued, and the basis upon which it was issued.:
60.Do you regularly take prescription medication? *
61.If ‘YES’, please detail medication and the condition it is treating:
62.Have you ever appeared or been mentioned in any press or media that would reflect negatively on you or on the Program, the Program producers and/or the television network or stations that will exhibit the Program if you are chosen to participate in the Program? *
63.If ‘YES’, please explain:
64.Please detail below (name and company) anyone you know or have known who is now or has been in the past two years an officer, director, employee, agent or representative of:

(a) FremantleMedia Australia Pty Ltd;
(b) Foxtel Management Pty Ltd, XYZ Networks Pty Ltd and the Arena Channel;
(c) Bravo Company;
(d) NBC Universal, Inc.;
(e) Miramax Film Corp.;
(f) W Acquisition Co.;
(g) Runway Productions, Inc;
(h) Magical Elves, Inc.;
(i) Full Picture;
(j) Any person or entity involved in the development, production, distribution or other exploitation of the Program or any version or variation thereof;
(k) Any sponsor of the Program or its advertising agency ; or
(l) Any person or entity that you have been notified of that is supplying prizes or other services to the Program.

If you do not know anyone who fits the above categories, please write “None” in the space below.
65.If you are chosen to be on the program, is there any person or part of your life that you would prefer not to share on-camera (i.e., social organisations, activities, friends, family)? *
66.If ‘YES’, please explain below:
67.Have you participated in any TV game or contest shows that you have appeared on whether or not you won a prize. *
68.If ‘YES’, please describe:
69.Have you appeared in any magazines, publicly disseminated photographs, advertisements or on the Internet? *
70.If ‘YES’, please describe:
Step 7
71.Have you ever created a website or posted any materials including photographs on any website? *
72.If ‘YES’, is the Website still able to be viewed?
73.If YES, name and describe the website you created and/or the materials you posted.
74.Is there anyone among your family, friends or work colleagues that, to the best of your knowledge, would object to your appearing on television? *
75.If ‘YES’, why?

By listing people and contacts below you give us permission to contact these people as references or as a means to contact you.

Please list three people whom you frequently see in case we need to get in touch with you on very short notice or can serve as a references (i.e., significant other, roommate, boss, etc.):
76.Name *
77.Address *
78.Phone *
79.How you know them? *
80.Name *
81.Address *
82.Phone *
83.How you know them? *
84.Name *
85.Address *
86.Phone *
87.How you know them? *
0.Please list three people who are not related to you and who have known you for over 3 years:
88.Name *
89.Address *
90.Phone *
91.How you know them? *
92.Name *
93.Address *
94.Phone *
95.How you know them? *
96.Name *
97.Address *
98.Phone *
99.How you know them? *
0.Thank you for your time and effort in completing the form.

Good Luck!

Please notify a Producer in writing if there is a change in your address, phone number or other information provided by you in this application.

Grand Designs

All Details
Step 1
0.Welcome to the Grand Designs application form. If you have a Grand Design of your very own please submit your details and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.
1.First Name *
2.Last Name *
3.Email *
4.Phone Number *
0.Current Address
5.Address 1
6.City / Suburb *
7.State *
8.Postcode *
0.Build Address
9.Address 1 *
10.City / Suburb *
11.State *
12.Postcode *
0.Other Information
13.Have you started building yet?
14.What is the build budget?
15.When is the expected finish date?



Could you be a Farmer’s Wife?

The Nine Network’s hit series The Farmer Wants a Wife has a brand new group of farmers who are looking for love. The series will follow farmers from across the country as they explore the highs and sometimes lows of new relationships and new loves.

The Farmer Wants a Wife is not a competition – love is the ultimate prize. Across 8 series, the show has proudly produced 8 marriages, 9 children and an additional 3 long term relationships.


Audience Application


FAMILY FEUD IS RECORDED IN SOUTHBANK, MELBOURNEWe will be recording episodes of one of the world’s most popular game shows, FAMILY FEUD at NEP Studios in Southbank, Melbourne. If you would like to apply for tickets to see the show, please follow the instructions below:VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATIONDue to high demand, requesting tickets does not guarantee you a ticket. Successful requests will be confirmed via email.Audience members must be OVER 12 YEARS OF AGE.Persons under 16 years of age MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.You may apply for a maximum of 6 tickets per show. Please do not apply more than once to a particular show.Tickets are free.Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed with your application.





  • Audience members MUST BE over 12 years of age.
  • Persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please do not apply for tickets more than once in any session; numerous requests in any one session will be disregarded.
  • Tickets are free and transferable.

Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed with your application.

For more information please read the Frequently Asked Questions

australias got talent



The TV show that celebrates talent of all kinds is coming back to Channel Nine, and it’s time for you to take centre stage. Whether you were born with it or have recently discovered your talent, if you entertain for a living or just for your family, friends, workmates, school or club – we want to help you share your talent with Australia.